Genocidal Gender Violence is a relatively unused term, but in the case of the Lai Dai Han victims, it is highly appropriate.

While the Lai Dai Han do not get nearly enough exposure through traditional media outlets, some independent channels, organizations, and platforms, including ours, are attempting to create a space where a discussion can be made about this community, which still faces inequality and discrimination to this day.

In this week’s post, we would like to highlight another channel who does just that:

In September 2020, a YouTube channel and Podcast named The Halfie Project presented the Lai Dai Han as a crucial topic of discussion regarding sexual war crimes, and dives into the past, present, and future of this community.

The Halfie Project, hosted and presented by Becky White, focuses on discovering “the meaning of a mixed identity – an identity which inhabits two cultures”.

Watch the full Podcast episode on YouTube:

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