In the world right now, there is a war that’s being fought between the good and the evil, between the innocent and the guilty. The state of Russia has decided to invade Ukraine and is in the midst of a campaign against the very idea of basic human rights, the ones that declare that people have a right to safety. The Lai Dai Han have a similar story, one that most people are not aware of.

How The War In Ukraine Affects The Lai Dai Han

The past reflects on the present

What is happening to innocent civilians, mainly the women and children of Ukraine can be looked at as a Spitting Image of the events that have transpired in the Vietnam war not so long ago. South Korean soldiers have decided that the rules of conduct during wartime didn’t apply to them, and therefore committed horrible crimes against Vietnamese women. Thousands of women were raped, abused, and left for dead. 

The aftermath of the Vietnam war also included the birth of the Lai Dai Han community, which today includes approximately 800 women and about 30,000 descendants. 

All of these women and children share the same fate. They are treated as inferior in their own home country of Vietnam. They are being pushed to the fringes of modern society simply because they are victims of absolute injustice. 

It is our job as a society to make sure that justice will be served to the ones that committed horrible atrocities to Vietnamese women, and to the ones that keep denying their existence. 

 History is repeating itself in Ukraine. We have to make sure that it never happens again while fixing the wrongdoings that occurred in the past as well. 

What can you do to help the Lai Dai Han?

There needs to be direct and powerful public pressure on the government of South Korea, which has yet to apologize for the crimes committed by its soldiers in the Vietnam war. Otherwise, these crimes will be ignored forever, all over the world. 

Please share the stories of the Lai Dai Han e You can learn more about them by visiting our different channels on YouTube and Twitter.
Even today, you can make a difference. Please sign this petition to help us bring justice to the Lai Dai Han. Those who suffer injustices outside of their hands deserve to be vindicated.

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