The Lai Dai Han are in desperate need to be recognized by the world before it’s too late.

As the number of the women victimized by the atrocities caused to them by South Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War decrease, we must make sure that their stories will be told. The Lai Dai Han are being overlooked and ridiculed in their communities and will forever be silenced unless action is taken.

Who Are The Lai Dai Han?

The Lai Dai Han are the children of Vietnamese women who were sexually assaulted by South Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War. During the Vietnam War, more than 320,000 South Korean soldiers were deployed to fight alongside US troops.
The combined forces were responsible for an incalculable number of war crimes, including the rape of tens of thousands of Vietnamese women and girls at the hands of South Korean soldiers. Of the survivors of these crimes, 800 women are still alive and there are approximately 30,000 descendants.
The world’s different social justice communities and organizations are currently overlooking the stories of the survivors. A global public outcry is required in order to raise awareness to the mere existence of the victims and to the help that they need in order to receive justice.

The Lai Dai Han Survivors Are Dying, But Their Story Can’t
The Lai Dai Han Survivors Are Dying, But Their Story Can’t

The Social and Economic State of the Lai Dai Han Today

Today, the Lai Dai Han live at the fringes of society. They are deprived of health and educational rights. They will soon have generational gaps in education in relation to the rest of the population of Vietnam, all because they are victims of brutal injustice perpetrated by South Korean military.
The government of South Korea needs must formally apologize to the victims that are still with us and to the ones that aren’t. Getting recognized through different international media outlets is a way to further our cause to bring justice to the victims.
Please take this opportunity to share the stories of the Lai Dai Han so their voices are not lost to time. You can learn more about them by visiting our different channels on YouTube and Twitter.
Even today, you can make a difference. Please sign this petition to help us bring justice to the Lai Dai Han. Those who suffer injustices outside of their hands deserve to be vindicated.

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