South Korean troops were responsible for the suffering and death of many innocent Vietnamese victims. It’s time for them to accept the truth of their brutality.

As the years go by, history is often forgotten. Such is the case for South Korea’s atrocities during the Vietnam War. We do our best to raise awareness for the Lai Dai Han, the Vietnamese-South Korean descendants of Vietnamese rape victims that were born as a result of the war. However, the Lai Dai Han were not the only Vietnam War victims seeking justice from South Korea.

A recent article from The New York Times takes a deep dive into South Korea’s appalling role in the Vietnam War. It details the brutal massacres done by South Korean troops and delves into the stories of some of the survivors.

While the article does not refer to the Lai Dai Han by name, the massacres done by South Korean troops were an integral part of the atrocities the Vietnamese rape victims faced during the war.

Both the Lai Dai Han and the survivors of these massacres have one important wish in common – they seek an official apology and compensation from the South Korean government.

It’s time for South Korea to face the consequences of their war crimes during the Vietnam War before it’s too late for the Vietnamese survivors.

Lai Dai Han victims

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