The Lai Dai Han Deserve to Live in Dignity – Why South Korea Must Compensate the Vietnamese Women who were Sexually Abused during the Vietnam War

The Lai Dai Han are the descendants of Vietnamese women who were raped by South Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War. For decades, South Korea has remained silent and ignored the victims of its soldiers’ sexual abuse during the war. With a community of only approximately 800 survivors who are still alive, the Lai Dai Han and their mothers have survived through enough.

Children should never have to suffer as a result of conflict, but as we are well aware in 2021, there are still so many displaced children throughout the globe due to political conflicts.

The Lai Dai Han are no different. Many of them live in poverty, with limited access to education, while being stigmatized as inferior in their country due to their mixed race.

South Korea must acknowledge and adequately compensate the rape victims of the Vietnam War, as well as their children before it will be too late.

To learn more about the Lai Dai Han, visit our YouTube channel.

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